Digital & Textile Printing Thickener and  Natural Polymer Manufacturers In Ahmedabad

ADACHI NATURAL POLYMER manufactures varied kind of Textile Printing Thickeners based on nature of Fabrics and Dyes applicable. ADPRINT™ is our brand name for Textile Printing Thickeners grades. Our products are based on Guar Gum, Tamarind, Maize Starch and other natural polymer resources. Our in-depth technology and infrastructure helps us to manufacture and to meet the quality standards and according to customer’s norms. High quality raw material, advance machinery and strong quality control facilities makes our products in high demand.


Product Summary

Printing of Polyester and its Blends with Disperse Dyes

Colour Enhancer For Printing Of Disperse Dyes (Carboxy Methyl Starch)

Burnout & Discharge Printing

Direct and Discharge Printing of Silk, Wool and Nylon

Vat Discharge Printing on Cotton

Reactive Dyes Printing on Cotton & Rayon Fabric

Acrylic, Polyester, Polyamide Blanket and Carpet Printing


Note: Adachi Natural Polymer also manufactures custom made Printing Thickeners as per specific requirement of the customers.